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There are four broad categories for the evidence needed: The financial aspects category involves evidence that you and your partner share financial commitments and responsibilities.This includes ownership of major assets (like a car or house) and/or liabilities (loan or insurance), helping pay for each other’s travel, sharing of finances, a joint bank account statement, and sharing of bills and expenses.The Character Requirements Penal Clearance Certificates document contains information on which police checks to get done, and how to do them.If you live near the embassy in your country, you can hand in the application in person. We submitted ours to the embassy in Washington via USPS Express Mail.This includes evidence that you’re accepted as a couple socially, such as party invitations, group photos, and having friends in common.This also includes joint participation in social activities like sports, and joint travel.

Eventually we’ll write a post on our experiences, but for now, this post is just about the process itself.

This is quite a lot of writing, and can easily end up being 4 or 5 pages. To prove the social aspects of your relationship, statutory declarations are required from people that know both you and your partner.

Some broad categories to include in this document include: Some of this will overlap with the relationship proof, but that is okay. These people need to be over 18 and ideally Australian citizens, although statements from non-Australians are often accepted if you and your partner don’t have any mutual friends in Australia.

If you did not own your house (for example, like in our situation we were living with our parents), that is okay. This can be simple things like letters from friends, as long as the letters have both your names on them.

Nature of commitment involves proving that you and your partner have mutual commitment to each other.

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